Sex Doll: Ten Reasons Why Sex Doll Is Not Good\"http:\/\/\/\" Here are ten good reasons why sex doll is very bad. The truth be say Women don de use vibrators to satisfy themselves sexually for donkey years, yet no body complain! So why the current sex doll abi na sex machine come de cause plenty uproar online? KpakoTV don come out with the following facts about sex doll and why e no good.

Sex doll

First! What is a Sex doll? According to Seerpress blog, A sex doll is a newly invented artificial women that is capable of satisfying men during sexual relationship and it is capable of doing what women do to men during sex.

The following na Ten disadvantages and effect of sex doll (artificial female sex machine);

Doll sex

  1. The work of God na for procreation and this sex doll go stop this procreation and simultaneously e go reduce birth rate in the near feature.
  2. This sex doll fit electrocute the guy oh, because na electricity or battery e de use. Electricity no send say na kukere you de do oh! E go shock you die.
  3. When a man de fund of this sex doll, no woman fit satisfy am sexually again since the doll de more energetic, e fit do all styles from doggy to jet-li style and e node tire oh! If you fit do from morning till night, the doll de ready.
  4. Them fit customize this machine London (Pu**y)  to any size you want, weather tight or loose. So men no go regard women again.
  5. Sex machineNa stupidity oh! for someone to use cash of about 800,000 naira for this Buhari regime lol ? to buy sex doll? E no better to even use the money marry two real women keep for your house? Atleast them go de cook for you too.
  6. This machine fit make person de addicted to decline you fit f**k anytime and anyhow. so guys fit loose control of their sex desires.
  7. Wait oh, you no think say the machine fit get small fault due to prolong usage come strangle the user one day or hold the guy d**k when e vex… Since them say e fit do things normal women de do?
  8. This sex doll fit born pikin? Or even bath herself? Can it carry pregnancy?
  9. We no go surprise if by tomorrow we hear say the sex doll fit give person new disease wey worst pass AIDS.
  10. It is devilish! Because it makes women irrelevant in the society?

The fact be say it’s not a big surprise for those that know their scriptures well because as God is a creator, human beings should also be since Man is created in his own image and likeness so if human creates human, their is not impossibility in it. All the same, we should be prayerful in things we do or use for another sin is committed in attempt to cover a given sin, welcome @ sex doll and if we are to eradicate it on earth, let’s also eradicate electrical vibrators which women uses artificially to get organism via sex.

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Watch the video where the maker talk about the sex doll;

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