Them Say President Buhari Son Power Bike Cost About N56 Million (Q: Where You Think Say Him Get This Kind Money To Buy Bike?) My fellow Kpakos,

This one na another interesting topic we bring come your doormat.

Hope say una sabi watin happen to President Buhari Son “Yusuf” recently and him present condition now?? Anyhow, if you no know, open your ear make i gist you small.

Recently, Yusuf Buhari been get serious accident with him power bike for around Gwarimpa Abuja, e come cause some kind wahala for Government House Aso Rock, because him wound big wound for him head, wey make am do some kind head surgery for.

So as the mater come be, we hear say Yusuf Buhari don de recover, and the good news come sweet our belle.

Back to the matter, the power bike wey Yusuf use get this accident, them estimate am to be #56 Million Naira! Omoh! I shock as I hear the price. E come de make me think where him follow get this kind money to spend on power bike.

As the matter de hot, Baba Buhari come sack some DSS operatives because of the incident and how him secretly acquired the bike without him knowing. Because Baba too self shock oh! ?

So the issue now be where him get this kind money, Kpakos, make we touch light the matter. ?

where to buy priligy in australia Adioh’s Own Opinion:- As the president son, that money no too much for him to get oh, this one na because him get plenty rich people around am, friends of him Papa, friends of him Mama, senators, Governors of different states.

Him fit easily text any of them make them help am with kpalakpala, as in e depend on the Kind of person wey him be sha.

Make we assume say Yusuf na this kind guy wey no de shy, and him come ask Senate President Bukola Saraki for financial assistance, you think say Saraki go give am just N 1 Million?

Kai, that one no fit happen! Saraki go give am nothing less than 10mllion Naira. So make we come reason am say him get this kind of Saraki like 20 of them…. My Bro! Are you thinking what am thinking? ?

Anyway, this one na my own opinion sha, now make una touch light the matter;

buy neurontin overnight Where you think say him get that Amount of money from?

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