P-Square Split, Peter Okoye Confirms Saying “Am On My Own” [Watch Video]

No be small thing oh, as singing brothers, Peter and Paul Okoye wey fans know them well well as P-Square de trend for internet with their corny beef.

Rumors don comot say the Ejima brothers Peter and Paul don break up again oh after the two of them been post some kind suspicious message for their social media handles.



Although none of them don boldly come out to tell us the truth watin dey happen, but as we de see, e be like say Peter Okoye aka Mr P don de move on for real this time.

Peter wey be this kind Philadelphia person, don confirm say him be solo artiste as him posted this video for him Snapchat with the caption ‘I’m on my own‘ for backstage before performance.

As wey de write this report, Rudeboy Paul Okoye never talk anything about this matar.

Watch the video:

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