Hmmm… E Be Like Say Timaya Want Bring Problem Between Peter and Paul of Psquare

Since yesterday Fans don the touch light Timaya say him the try to bring problem between Paul and Peter of Psquare because of watin him write for him Instagram page say Paul na the best, even add pepper say him go future Paul for him next song.

See watin him write;

“My Next single is with this man @rudeboypsquare cause I believe he’s the realest and the BEST,”

See the Picture as e be!

Naija no the carry last naa, immediately fans start to accuse Timaya say him want the try divide Psquare again for him own selfish reasons.

“Don’t divide this family again sir. They are one and peter either is not looking for music patern either but one love. Let peace continue to rain,” said Instagrammer @diamondwest157.

@fionalicious_1_: “Don’t bring back the hate pls they are twins and they are one if u can’t use the both of them fans will vote not to listen to it yes. Rudeboy can sing but Peter got the sauce so think well or u sing it for nothing.”

See some screen grab of fans comment;

Remember the gbegeh wey happen for Psquare family last year when Peter Okoye sack their manager wey be their elder brother Jude Okoye. According to Peter, him fell say Jude no the send am and many times na only song wey Paul write na him them the produce.

Also for one interview with HipTV, when HipTV touch light the mata, Peter talk say e the pain am everytime wey people talk say na only dance him sabi dance.

After the gbege, the Psquare brothers finally settled their beef and come back together. Fans happy well well as them settle hoping say them go continue to remain together, this na the reason fans blast Timaya, why him choose to work with only Paul of Psquare, and come describe Paul as the “realest and best”.

As plenty fans start to quarrel for Timaya, sharp sharp Timaya upload one video, where him de yarn say him no mean to break Psquare oh.

Watch the video:

The way people think sha. Hilarious!!!

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We come the ask you, how you take reason this matar??

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