“Dear Nigerians, Stop Debating And Proposing Good Governance On Social Media, Go Get Your Permanent Voters Card PVC” Says Sandra Ogboh

Miss Sandra Ogboh a patriotic Nigerian don raise her hands up de beg Nigerian youths make them go get their PVC.

She de beg our country people, most especially the Nigerian youth, make una go get una permanent voters card PVC, make you no sit down for social media de touch light Politics and government while you no get your permanent voters card PVC.

Make we stop to allow 15% to decide the faith of 85% wey no get PVC or comot vote.

See as Sandra Ogboh talk am;

Nigeria has a population of 180 million people out of which 68.8 million registered and were eligible to vote during the 2015 General elections. Simply put, only 38% of our population registered with INEC as eligible voters. Meanwhile based on data from National Population Commission and National Bureau for Statistics, Nigeria has over 61% of its population eligible to register as voters.

Funny enough only 28,587,564 turned out to vote on the day of the general election, which is just 15.9% of our population.

15% determined the fate of 85% that refused to register or turn up for elections.

You are all over facebook, twitter and WhatsApp arguing, debating, postulating and proposing good governance but you have no PVC.
You claim you are exposed, schooled, learned, fear God and you daily pray for God to bring good governance to his people, yet you have no PVC. Faith without works is dead. If you like prophesy, cast all the demons and anoint Nigeria, if you have no PVC, you can’t stand up to be counted.

Always know that bad politicians are not born but are products of people like you who don’t vote.

Do you have your PVC?
Go to the nearest INEC office in your LGA to register.


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